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January 24, 2019 Kitchen Design

Bright Kitchen Color Ideas

Kitchen color ideas – The color of a kitchen can define the space. It can make a room seem smaller or more open; inviting or sad. Because the kitchen is a useful space, there are many things that make or break your kitchen color. Appliances are one thing to consider when choosing a color for your kitchen. Determine if the color of your appliances will go with your wall color selection. Also, decide whether to paint your cabinet. A new layer of paint can transform old cabinets.


This traditional color is timeless and can add a clean, fresh feel to a kitchen color ideas. Designer Jim Sandal says that white is a perfect background for any color. It can also be used to accentuate a wall color when used for pain cabinets. White helps you keep a kitchen clean, if only for grime is especially visible against the absence of color. This color is good for small kitchens because it seems to expand a small space and make it appear bigger.

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Eggshell Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and when used on a kitchen ceiling can add a piece of height to the room. Blue is popular color for a kitchen color ideas as well as a modern kitchen and can add a splash of creativity to a crisp white room. Although it is oily, it makes a style statement. Merlot red is the perfect blend of orange and blue and can go well in a sunny kitchen or a dark space.

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