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January 13, 2019 Kitchen Ideas

How to Design Kitchen with Black Appliances

Kitchen with black appliances – A critical choice some homeowners face is whether the design with black appliances in the kitchen. Some skeptics claim that the dark gray, industrial-looking black appliances make a kitchen smaller than inviting. The elegant, professional appearance of appliances like a flat-top stove really brings new life with an outdated kitchen with both function and beauty. Many homeowners replace old, outdated appliances with black for their elegant finish and appeal. With the right balance of contemporary and modern design, a kitchen with black appliances can be the most inviting around.


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Install durable and quality kitchen with black appliances. These can include a stove, refrigerator, oven, extractor fan, microwave, dishwasher, mixer, sink and mixer. Look for appliances that share a similar finish and shade of black. This is not crucial, but it is important to help create a cohesive space. Determine a style or mood for space. This should include the additional furnishings and accessories that accent the black appliances. Keep in mind not to over decorate, as this may draw attention away from the center of the black devices.

Consider a theme for the whole kitchen. Coffee lovers can create a theme cafe, complete with black coffee pot and espresso machine. An ideal theme for kitchen with black appliances can be a cook kitchen with hanging pots and pans suspended in a roof rack. Keep an idea or theme in space coherent. Update floors, countertops and cabinets match black appliances. If the change is too expensive consider a new paint or finish. Some stones like quartz and granite are relatively affordable alternatives for countertops. Tile is also a cost effective method for updating kitchen space including countertops and floors.

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