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January 2, 2019 Door Ideas

Various Style of Interior Sliding Closet Doors

Interior sliding closet doors have come a long way since the days when they were going to skip the track or get trapped all the time. Today, years of service will be given without problems if they are installed correctly. Manufacturers offer various types made in a variety of styles and materials. Each type has unique characteristics, and each one fits most cabinets.

The first kind of interior sliding closet doors is the folding doors that are two narrow doors joined by hinges so that they fold into the opening and closing planes. They can be solid wood, wood type blinds, vinyl or metal. They slide through a small peg on the top edge of each door that moves on a track mounted in the top opening of the cabinet. Some folding doors may also have a track on the floor at the bottom of the cabinet opening. Folding doors do not extend to the room as much as swinging doors because the distance they span is reduced by half when they are folded. These doors may have raised panels or flat panels and may be finished or not. Some manufacturers offer styles with glass, frosted glass, mirrors, grain board, slot and tongue or fabric.

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Multifold doors have more than two doors joined together in the same way as the folding doors. They are mounted in the frame of the closet opening in the same way. Their main advantage is that they cover longer distances and minimize the distance the doors extend into the room when it is open. They also give you the flexibility to use different configurations of interior sliding closet doors, such as having four panels fold to one side while only twice to the other.

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